About Us

Philosophy: There is a saying; "If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself".  With that said, take time to pamper yourself and enjoy life.  
Mission: We aim to provide and sale products that will help improve people’s lives and their enjoyment of life.
About Us: Does sprucing up your home, especially your bathroom, sometimes seem like a chore?  Every time I walk into someone’s home I am intrigued on what they have done to improve and enjoy their home.  It’s not a trying to keep up with the Joneses comparison but an interest of what I feel will look nice in my home if I were to do the same or something similar.  Okay, a slight keeping up with the Joneses comparison also.  As my wife and I visit the homes of friends and family or someone new, I can always be sure my wife will make a comment as we leave; “Did you see their bathroom?”, “How do you think that will look in our home?”, or “We should do that.”  It is with those thoughts in mind we have created this website, to have an opportunity for you to find fun and innovative ideas and luxury products to improve and enjoy your home and bathroom.  Go ahead, pamper yourself.